Friends! Last weekend I went to Michigan to stay in an adorable cottage and enjoy the woods and brews. I also did vrksasana in a vrksa!


For the month of April I committed to meditating for 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week. because I’d procrastinated, this meant I needed to meditate both Friday and Saturday while in Michigan. I’ll admit it, I tried to hide this fact from my girlfriend. I’m not 100% sure why, but I felt very self-conscious saying “I need to go meditate” so I said “I need to go sit quietly by myself” and she gave me a weird look . . . because that’s kinda a weird thing to say.

My meditation practice is very new. I’m figuring out what meditation means, what I’m aiming for, if “aiming for something” is even the point. I suppose that’s part of the reason I’m hesitant to talk about it, even to someone I’m close with. Later in the evening she said “You know, you could just tell me you need to meditate. That would be ok.”

So let me tell you. I need to meditate. After sitting still and quiet for a few moments I feel my body, my breathe, and my mind all come together. How often are your body and mind in the same place at the same time, really? My mind is often stuck in the past – remembering old relationships, former experiences, jobs, or conversations – or thinking about what may happen in a week, a year, or 2023. Or my body is physically in a yoga pose, but energetically absent, just waiting until the instructor cues me to come out of it. When I sit (call it meditation, call it prayer, call it diving deeper into your self) I’m all here all together. I imagine my body, my breath, and mind saying “Well hello there! I missed you!” and I smile a tiny smile.

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Grassroots Organizing Director for UltraViolet ( by day, yoga guide, dance partier, and red lentil soup connoisseur by night. Well. Evening. By night, I'm usually asleep.
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