Please Your Mood With Tunes: An Upbeat Yoga Playlist

I take extreme pleasure in making playlists that capture one mood crossing various genres. It’s fun to rack your brain for songs that make you feel a very specific way or that remind you of each other. You can organize your feelings so they are readily accessible the next time you need them, like color-coding your t-shirt drawer.

A few months ago, I made a playlist for a queer party after a punk show because the host told me the DJ bailed. OHHH NOOO!! Well, I’d never DJed a party by myself before (and technically I still haven’t!), but I was pretty sure I could at least gather some fun tunes—with the crowd in mind—that would keep most punks and queers happy. That is to say, it’s supposed to be a “crowd pleaser.” Susan approached me after she used it during her yoga practice, told me she was FEELIN’ IT, and asked me to share with ya’ll.


(Jen, Susan, and Krista playing in the sand at Lake Michigan. Probably listening to a great playlist.)

We’ll, sure, I’d love to. The actual playlist is like 4 hours long, so I paired it down to give you a baby sampler.


“Hearts on Fire” – Cut Copy
“Art Bitch” – CSS
“Fuck the Pain Away” – Peaches
“Baby’s on Fire” – Die Antwoord
“Call Me” – Blondie
“You & Me” – Diamond Rings
“Patty Lee” – Les Savy Fav
“Let’s Have a Kiki” – Scissor Sisters
“Ice Cream Truck” – Cazwell
“Bulletproof” – La Roux
“Erotic City” – Prince
“Drag Strip Race” – The Rondelles
“Hell Yes” – Beck
“Pardon Me” – The Blow
“Nonpareil of Favor” – Of Montreal
“Girls Night Out” – The Knife
“Freak Like Me” – Santigold
“Punker Plus” – Le Tigre
“Drop it Like It’s Hot” – Snoop Dogg & Pharell
“You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” – The Cars

Want more? Follow me on Spotify. My username is gayjane.

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