Yoga Pants-a-pooluza!

Remember that time Lululemon founder, Chip Wilson, blamed women’s bodies for “not being made” for his yoga pants? In response to criticisms that recalled pants were too sheer Chip claimed, that “Frankly, some women’s bodies just don’t actually work [for the yoga pants]. It’s about the rubbing through the thighs … how much pressure is there.” Story here. Ya know what, Chip? Don’t worry about it. We can find other places to buy our pants. Places that love and respect women’s bodies including all the pressure of their thighs, if ya know what I mean.

For now – you’ll see me sporting my previously purchased Lululemon’s until they turn to rags. But when that happens, I’m looking forward to turning to these other brands!

Love Independent Artists:
Maybe you’re the type who likes to support the independent types  . . .people trying to make it on their own . . . like . . .ahem – yoga instructors. And awesome sustainable yoga clothes designers!
Eleven44: I have these pants and mostly love them. People stop me on the street or in the studio to compliment me on my pants LITERALLY every single time I wear them, but because they are bleach splattered, with time the spots turned to holes. They’re still fine for home practice or hanging out with friends, but not teaching-appropriate. If you want your pants to last, I suggest buying a different (bleach-less) style.


personally, I don’t wear them with heels. but i guess you could?

Gaia Conceptions: Handmade, organic apparel made specially for you. And the owner is currently working on a new space that will incorporate rainwater catchment systems, solar and wind energy, and closed loop systems. Pretty cool and also very cute.


mmm! red! does the beach scene come with those?

Conscious Clothing: Behold. The skirted legging. Rose is based in Rockford, MI. She has no inventory – everything is made just for you in the size, style, and color you desire. So like .. you could get the skirted legging in EVERY COLOR.


skirted. legging. yes.

Teeki: Made in LA from recycled plastic bottles. Of course they’re made in LA, amiright? Designs include Northern Lights, Star Dust, Space Love, California Fall and other super-LA-sounding things.


For those days when you want the Northern Lights on your butt. Like everyday.

Specifically for Plus-sized Women:
Lola Getts: I basically love all of these clothes – classic black pants and brightly colored tops – and also the fact that the founder uses Damn Yankee quotations so liberally. Yes. Yes. Yes.


Go Figure: Classic active wear, including black yoga capris in sizes 10-24, made by our neighbors to the north.


I think I would wear these everyday … If the invisible individual currently wearing them is willing to give them up …

Also, the Gaia Conceptions and Conscious Clothings, listed above, hand make their clothing and are happy to make any size.

Compression Tights:
Want the Lululemonish fit and style but without the side of fat shaming? Try these brands.
Tanya B

Happy holidays! Except you, Chip. I have no opinion on the quality of your holiday.

I’ll leave you with this . . .

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Grassroots Organizing Director for UltraViolet ( by day, yoga guide, dance partier, and red lentil soup connoisseur by night. Well. Evening. By night, I'm usually asleep.
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One Response to Yoga Pants-a-pooluza!

  1. Dorie Silverman says:

    Susan I love this and thank you for doing the yoga pant research I have the teeki pants and they’re great for warmer classes or weather, but the fabric does break down pretty fast

    I wish Chip wasn’t such a dick, cause I love his pants

    xo d Dorie Silverman Click HERE to receive your monthly Yoga Loveletter from Love this Life Studios LOVE THIS LIFE Studios Yoga classes – Privates – Professional Yoga Teacher Development 773.220.7815

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