5 Ways Yoga Can Make You Feel Sexy

This past Sunday I taught a gentle yoga class at Early to Bed, a wonderful sex-positive, women-oriented adult store. Preparing for the class made me think through a few ways yoga can make you feel sexy. And when I say sexy – I suppose I mean – self-loving and yummy. I mean cultivating an appreciation for all the parts of yourself and experiencing the way it can feel to move through the world with confidence and sensuality.

tumblr_mtffzwI0RZ1ql3i4oo1_250(and Mindy is going to help me out)

1. Yoga can support you in being embodied.
Many of us spend our days all wrapped up in our heads – writing, thinking, analyzing. During your physical yoga practice, you have a few moments to get in touch with your body. You can touch your own body, experience new sensations, be guided through a process to notice parts of yourself, and open up, physically.


(plus, when you know your body, you’re less likely to be in this situation)

2. Yoga encourages you to be playful about your body.
Sometimes yoga is funny. The first  . . . and second – one hundredth . . .  time I attempted tittibhasana I fell on my butt. And that’s good! It’s good to try new things, to laugh at yourself, to get a little awkward. Bodies are awkward. Tummies rubble, toes get stubbed. They even fart (I mean . .  mine doesn’t obviously . . . but some people’s do . . . I’ve heard). And being playful and light can make you feel good about yourself on and off the mat.

tumblr_m9doqiQ2ht1qls3mfo1_250tumblr_m9doqiQ2ht1qls3mfo2_250 tumblr_m9doqiQ2ht1qls3mfo3_250 tumblr_m9doqiQ2ht1qls3mfo4_250 tumblr_m9doqiQ2ht1qls3mfo5_250tumblr_m9doqiQ2ht1qls3mfo6_250

(but stretch first, ok?)

3. Yoga helps to relieve stress.
It’s hard to feel sexy when you’re all stressed and anxious. Luckily, yoga gives us lots of tool to release tension. For some people, breathing techniques like nadi shodhana help shed away the day and cultivate inner calm. For other people, all they need/want is a vigorous vinyasa followed by deep relaxation. Yoga offers these techniques and more.


(this is Kelly/Mindy demonstrating a different way to release tension)

4. Yoga increases blood flow, opens up your joints, and invigorates your body.
I suppose this is one way of saying “yoga makes you more flexible,” but not in a put-your-legs-above-your-head kind of way. Even in a gentle hatha practice, you’re opening up lines of energy in the body and nourishing every part of your physical self. Noticing and caring for every part of yourself – from your toes to your fingers to your heart space – that’s self care! So hot!


(feeling good!)

5. Yoga can be a fun date!
Whether your date is a seasoned yogi, or new to the practice, a class can be a fun thing to experience together. You can reach towards each other in supine twists and then do your own little cuddle savasana (after you leave the studio . . . that would be pretty inappropriate in the studio). OR take yourself on a luxurious yoga date – maybe a pedicure beforehand and a bubble bath afterwards. You know what you like.
tumblr_m4hnoe5EOk1rs97lbo1_250 tumblr_m4hnoe5EOk1rs97lbo2_250 tumblr_m4hnoe5EOk1rs97lbo3_250

(work it, work it, work it)

So roll out your map or head to a class soon!

I know what you’re thinking.


Gifs from Fuck Yeah Mindy. 

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