Polar Vortex Detox – No [sham]Poo

There are two things I’m REALLY good at during very cold evenings (. . . get your head out of the gutter . . . ): falling down rabbit holes of articles on the internet, and being a domestic whiz or – to use a term I stole from my friend Jona – a stellar HouseQueer.

While indulging in my first hobby, I came across this article and it has TOTALLY upped my house queer-ing game. Forget orange oiling the floor boards and baking lasagna – I’m making hair care products! Thanks to Lauren O’Neal and her article from April 20, 2011 (it’s like … how do I run across this stuff, ya know? that was almost 3 years ago), I’m getting myself off shampoo and using home cooked  (not really cooked. just mixed) concoctions (is something a concoction if it’s just two ingredients? and one of them is water?)


D and I are following the steps laid out in the article, starting with cleansing everyday for two weeks with baking soda mixed with water and conditioning with apple cider vinegar and water. I’m just a few days in and so far I’m very happy. I normally have a flaky scalp, even when I use intense anti-dandruff shampoo (which is toxic and awful for the environment) and just few days in my scalp already seems calmer than usual. Maybe it didn’t actually like being covered in chemicals?


Admittedly, I may be in a honeymoon period. After two weeks of baking soda and ACV you’re supposed to JUST rinse with water for a whole month – and that can get pretty greasy until your scalp adjusts and remembers how to keep itself clean.

I’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in more natural products I suggest checking out Wellness Mama. It’s my new favorite website. She taught me that I can use coconut oil as lip moisturizer. Genius! 

If you want to see the progress (or mock me in person) you can drop by one of my classes next week. 

About susan virginia yoga

Grassroots Organizing Director for UltraViolet (www.weareultraviolet.org) by day, yoga guide, dance partier, and red lentil soup connoisseur by night. Well. Evening. By night, I'm usually asleep.
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3 Responses to Polar Vortex Detox – No [sham]Poo

  1. bikefarmer says:

    I’ve been using nopoo for over two years. Love it! I use red wine vinegar as a rinse since I have reddish hair. I also skipped the month of just water rinsing (I didn’t know about that) and never wash my hair more than 2x week. If I really need to shower outside of those two times, I just water rinse.

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