10 days in – no ‘poo

10 days in!

Rocking the no poo and I’d say my hair looks more or less the same as it did when I was using shampoo. It might have a little more texture than usual.

photo (19)

Luckily, I’m better at teaching yoga than I am at taking selfies.

So it’s going well! My scalp hasn’t been oily at all – although I do have naturally drier skin. After the first 2-3 days of baking soda and ACV I thought my dandruff was GONE. 10 days in, it’s back, but different. Normally, I have larger scaly pieces on my head, like psoriasis or eczema. They itch a lot and I find myself picking at my head. NOW, my head is dry, but not scaly. I noticed yesterday that I had some pretty standard winter time snowy dandruff, but it’s not particularly itchy. (i know, i know, this is SO appealing, but try to control yourself and remember, someone already put a ring on it. my scaly flakyhead is taken.) Upon reading about other’s experiences, the flakiness could mean that I’m not using enough ACV to counter act the cleaning/drying affects of the baking soda.


I’ve been washing everyday and my gut feeling is that my scalp will be happier just washing once or twice a week and rinsing with water in between.

I’ll keep playing with the right combination for me. There is a lot of wiggle room in the no ‘poo situation. The article I read first suggested baking soda and ACV everyday for two weeks and then a month of just rinsing with water before evening out to baking soda and ACV every 5-10 days and just water in between. But really – some people never take the whole month off of cleaning that the article suggested. They just use baking soda and ACV once or twice a week indefinitely and that works for them. Others use baking soda and conventional conditioner on occasion but no shampoo. Some people just use water to cleanse and then conditioner to condition. I imagine that works best for people with a naturally less-oily scalp. So many options.

Also. Also. ALSO. This week I realized that I had no friggin’ idea what baking soda was. I knew that you could use it make bread and goodies rise and/or clean everything from your stove to your scalp, but I didn’t really know what was in that orange box. Were you wondering too?

Baking soda is a chemical compound also known as Sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate. It is a salty substance found in mineral springs. Apparently, forms of baking soda were used by ancient Egyptians as a soap. Most of the baking soda used worldwide comes from Green River, Wyoming. It’s non-toxic and natural (I mean – mining the crap out of anything is probably not the best thing, but it’s better than what’s in conventional cleaning products and it seems to be fairly harmless).

And now you know.

One last pro-tip: don’t store your water/apple cider vinegar bottle next to the window when it’s zero degrees outside and then pour it straight on your head unless you want a seriously cold seriously unpleasant wake up call.


so cold! sooo cold!

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