Spring Detox Playlist

Sometimes I want to go to a vigorous vinyasa class. Sometimes my body and soul are calling for a restorative practice full of nourishing language, two bolsters, and 3 blankets. Often I have to sit on my mat for a few minutes before I shed enough layers to figure out what sort of practice will unfold.

AND THEN. Sometimes I need to shove the coffee table aside. Neatly roll the mat and push it under the couch. Put on some music. And dance. And maybe laugh. And maybe cry. (oh come on. like you never do that . . . )

Build up any anxiety, stress, or ill-will this winter? Here is your spring detox. A playlist to take you from stillness to twirling, from heart opening to gyrating and back in just nine songs.

Dancing on [Your] Own
“The Heart Asks Pleasure First,” Ahn Trio
“Fly,” Ludovico Einaudi
“Time Lapse,” Ludovico Einaudi
“Gayatri Mantra (feat. Lisbeth Scott),” Lisbeth Scott
“Jóga,” Björk
“Army of Me,” Björk
“Hip Hop Hooray,” Naughty by Nature
“Dancing On My Own,” Robyn
“Nuvole bianche,” Ludovico Einaudi



And as long as I’m on the topic of yoga and dance – my dear teacher and friend, Jovinna Chan inspired this playlist and is teaching “Passion, Life, and Dance: A Soul Motion™ Retreat” at Kripalu in August. Basically, if you ever get a chance to work with her – do it.

About susan virginia yoga

Grassroots Organizing Director for UltraViolet (www.weareultraviolet.org) by day, yoga guide, dance partier, and red lentil soup connoisseur by night. Well. Evening. By night, I'm usually asleep.
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